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Excalibur Miniaturen informs you about miniatures (scale 25 mm) of the categories fantasy, science-fiction and erotic, the convention "DUZI", the game FEARLESS and championships.

Excalibur miniatures are some of the most beautiful, highly detailed and humorous miniatures produced in Germany. These 25 mm fantasy, science-fiction and erotic miniatures are cast manual labor. Each of these miniatures gets it's unique beauty by individually painting it.

Painting fantasy or science-fiction miniatures is easier than it seems. With various techniques (e.g. washing, dry brushing) even beginners may produce remarkable results and with each miniature finished the results will get better. Many shops like our own offer the chance to learn the necessary skills.

Excalibur miniatures also presents a challenge for professionals, as the detailed miniatures require great skills in order to compete on an international scale. The German Championship in painting a 25 mm miniature is staged by Excalibur Miniaturen at the DUZI.

FEARLESS is a table-top played with 3 to 5 miniatures per team.

The advantages:
Affordable price, easy to learn, minimal preparation time - free choice of terrain, variable duration, role-playing elements usable for campaigns and tournaments. Many shops and conventions host official tournaments allowing qualification for the German FEARLESS Championships and offering a limited miniature as a price.

Date of Birth 09.03.1982 
Name Excalibur-Miniaturen
Name of Birth MMModellbauspezialversand
Place of Birth Duisburg
First kind of Busines Import of miniatures and modelling and sell as a mail-order house
1983 Doing the 1st DUZI (exhibition for tin figures) , opening the 1st shop, building club “H.F.G.”
1984 Start to produce tin figures (Miners 54 mm)
1985 Special catalogue only for 25 mm import-figures
Produce the magazine „Agamemnon“ with the first German fantasy-tabletop 25 mm
1986 Start to produce 25 mm figures
1989 Close the shop because of private trouble and forward  production and  mail-order
1995 Get a new partner and open the new shop in Dinslaken 
1996 Begin to sell the 25mm Excalibur-Miniaturen range to distributors and shops in Germany
1997 The German FEARLESS comes and also science-fiction figures
1998 2nd Edition FEARLESS and the Box for tournaments is offered 
1999 Homepage is build and the liege rules are offered there for free download. Products can be bought from all over the world
2000 FEARLESS becomes international. The English version is shown on the 1st of April in England
2002 In Octobre out new fantasy tabletop - Magic Challenge - was released