This is our new shop!

Just come in and enjoy the view. Here we introduce the new Shop. We closed the shop for two weeks to give it a new look and it seems that we were successful, how the feedbacks of the visitors said it in the first days.

The shop is really wonderful. Itshop is very comfortable now. We made it look like a cave.

You can see the shown cave walls in the whole shop and they hide the old, boring, naked walls. At the entrance you can see showcases in which we show some of our miniatures.
On this picture you can see that we did a lot. The whole shop is now bigger than before.
The bar is still the same. I stress the word "still" because the new one is still under construction. Excited? - Fine!

In the shelf on the opposite of the bar you can find various books of rules, kits and booster of some of the actual table tops.

In the corner besides the bar is our table for games. On this table some of our visitors play table tops. Everyone who wants to play can do it here.

In the corner around the table you can find figures of many table tops. Sometimes someone cannot stop watching... - the world of is fascinating.
You can find another novelty on the left of our table-top corner. We call it Refill-Room.
Here we fill up empty printer cartridges for small money. Certainly it is cheaper than buying a new one. You also can buy refill-sets to refill on your own.

This is our game corner. Here you can try the newest board-games if you like. We have a special consultation for this job.

Then you can see our card-cave. Here the card freaks can play and play and play...
And now some words about the bar. Here is still everything the same like before the reopening. You can find starters and boosters of trading card games and small things like dices, accessoires, etc, here.

Like I said the shop is wonderful. But we try to make it better.
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